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How To Earn Your License And Become A Concrete Contractor In New York

You recently decided that it’s time to take on a new career path and become a concrete contractor. However, you are going to need a license. Any construction-related licensing process doesn’t fall under the purview of the state of New York. That being said, you will need to go through your local county or municipal agencies to get your business up and running. For example, cities such as New York and Buffalo have their own departments that oversee the licensing process for concrete contractors.

Earning your license means that you will need to meet certain requirements when submitting your application. This includes some general information as well as proof of liability insurance coverage and workers’ compensation insurance (if you plan on employing people). You may also need to undergo a background check depending on where you live.

The state also requires you to have a business license in addition to a surety bond before you begin working on projects. The minimum amount of the bond will vary according to where you live. We recommend that you contact your local licensing departments to determine the rules for surety bonds and liability insurance.

We understand the entire process can be tedious and time-consuming, but we promise that you will be providing services as a concrete contractor in no time. We want to offer you a brief yet comprehensive guide to obtaining your license in certain regions of New York.

New York City

General Requirements

Before filling and submitting your application to become a contractor, you will need to undergo a criminal background check. Once the pre-screening process is complete, you will meet with a licensing specialist who will go through the application process. Here is what they will need from you:

  • A signed and notarized General Contractor Registration Form.
  • A signed and notarized letter that contains some of your general information as well as the percentage of share each stakeholder in the company has.
  • An original copy of the Employer Identification Number that the IRS issues.
  • A financial statement showing a minimum of $25,000 in your bank account. You can take out a line of credit if necessary.
  • Proof of general liability insurance that offers up to $1 million in coverage, as well as workers’ compensation and disability insurance.
  • Accurate information on the chief officer or owner of the company along with paying a $330 fee for a background check.

You will need to submit all relevant forms and materials to the Licensing Unit’s office and pay the registration fee of $300. They may request additional information from you upon reviewing your application. All applicants are encouraged to schedule an in-person appointment with a licensing specialist to help make the entire process go a lot smoother. Don’t forget that you need to have a surety bond before undergoing any projects.

Nassau County

General Requirements

The licensing application for Nassau County, similar to that of New York City’s, will include plenty of instructions and requirements. Go through each step carefully to ensure that you are not overlooking any important details. Here is some of what the application requires:

  • Print out the application and complete it in pen
  • With partnerships or corporations, a manager or stakeholder in the company will need to notarize your application.
  • The county will require some general information from you, including proof of residence, your state-issued ID, and a current utility bill or leasing agreement. These requirements will vary depending on the structure and location of your business. For example, corporations will need to submit materials and information on every stakeholder.


General Requirements

Buffalo has a department that handles the licensing process. This goes for contractors involved in construction as well as any repairs, remodeling, modernizations, or alterations to commercial and residential structures. As a concrete contractor, you will need to apply for a license, and here is what the city of Buffalo will require of you:

  • Proof of general liability and workers’ compensation insurance with a minimum of $2 million in aggregate coverage.
  • Proof of business name and registration, including certificates detailing your business structure.
  • General information and photos of yourself
  • If you run a sole proprietorship, then you are exempt from obtaining workers’ compensation insurance.
required documents
You will need to attend a meeting with Construction & Home Improvement Advisory Board. They take place once a month. If you can’t attend the meeting, then you will need to submit a notarized application form. All materials and information (along with a $750 fee) must be received by the Board at least three days prior to the next scheduled meeting.



Always remember that the licensing process will be different in terms of where you live in the state of New York. That being said, each jurisdiction will have similar requirements. You must always make sure that you are registering for a business license. This means that you are operating in accordance
with the New York Department of State and your local business licensing regulations.

Tax identification numbers and insurance are also crucial aspects in becoming a contractor. We recommend that you contact the New York Department of Taxation and Finance to learn more about registering your business. Furthermore, once you are licensed in New York City, your clients can search the database of the NYC Department of Buildings to verify your legitimacy.

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