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Licensing Requirements For Concrete Contractors In New Mexico

New Mexico, like many other states, regulates the licensing process for general contractors. Why are their rules and regulations in place? It protects you, your employees, and your clients from fraud and potential liability issues. Without a license, you’re going to encounter a lot of trouble finding meaningful work. The New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department is the governing body responsible for reviewing and approving your license. Here is what they require from you:

Step 1


The state of New Mexico has different classifications according to the type of work you do. The classifications are numerous, so we suggest that you take the time to review what’s available to you. The New Mexico Administrative Code details information on all the classifications, and if you are
having any trouble, you can complete the Classification Determination Request Form. The state will then provide you with a written determination on the classification that is best suitable for you.

Step 2

Qualifying Parties

To apply for a contractor’s license, you will need a qualifying party to sponsor you essentially. The state will only issue a license if your business employs or is owned by one or more qualifying parties. To become a qualifying party, you must meet certain experience requirements and be approved to take the exam for your license. The years of experience you need to become a qualifying party (and apply for licensure) will depend on the services you plan on providing.

Step 3

Complete And Submit Your Application

Now you are ready to fill out the application and submit it to the state of New Mexico. You will need to pay a $30 submission fee along with a certificate fee of $6.00. These fees are non-refundable. Don’t forget to sign and notarize your application before sending it to the New Mexico Construction Licensing Services.

Here is everything that your application must include:

  • Pay the $36 for all applicable fees
  • Proof of surety bond
  • Tax registration certificate from Tax & Revenue Department
  • A Certificate from the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission if you own or operate an LLC or corporation
  • A Certificate from Secretary of State if you have a Limited Liability Partnership or Limited Partnership
  • A copy of the exam scores or certificate from your qualifying professional

Once you satisfy all the requirements, the state will review your information and approve your license.

required documents

Step 4

Purchase A $10,000 Surety Bond

The state requires you to have a contractor bond worth $10,000. This is a type of surety bond that protects you and your clients in scenarios where you fail to complete a project or if you provide sub-par concrete repair or installation services. You can always visit the website for Surety Solutions to review quotes and compare prices from different bond companies. This way you can purchase an affordable surety bond.

Step 5

Licensing And Registration Fees

What you pay in fees will depend on the classification of your license. You can always learn more about licensing and registration fees by visiting the website for New Mexico Construction Licensing Services. Here is what you’ll need to pay:

  • Contractor License Application fee — $30
  • Contractor License Certificate fee — $6.00 (per certificate)
  • Contractor Qualifying Party Application fee — $30
  • Contractor Qualifying Party Certificate fee — $6.00 (per certificate)
  • License fee — $150 to $300 per classification
required documents

Step 6

Mail Your Application And Wait For Approval

The next step is simple: make sure your completed application includes all relevant information and don’t forget to submit your certificates. You will need to mail a physical copy of your application to the headquarters for the PSI Testing Corporation in Albuquerque, NM. All you need to do now is wait on a decision from the state Licensing Department. Upon approval, the Department will issue your license and mail it to you via USPS.

Additional Information

We want to stress the importance of not overlooking anything. Make sure you are applying for your business license. Make sure you are registering with the Taxation and Revenue Department so that you have a tax identification number that allows you to do business. Make sure you are getting workers’ compensation and liability insurance to protect your business, employees, and clients. Always stay ahead of things so that there is no delay in obtaining your license.

Overall, the licensing process is going to take some time. However, if you are diligent and stick to it, then you will be providing services as a concrete contractor in no time. Having your license will benefit you immensely by allowing you to grow your business and establish profitable partnerships in your community.

required documents
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