How To Obtain Your License and Become A Concrete Contractor In Mississippi

You live in Mississippi, and you recently decided to embark on your career as a concrete contractor. You possess all the skills and experience to get started, but first, you need to obtain your license. You’re not quite sure where to begin and you could use a little help getting the process underway. We want to provide you with a brief yet comprehensive guide on what the state of Mississippi requires of you.

The Mississippi State Board of Contractors is the agency that handles the review and approval of your contractor’s license. The state also requires that you pass an exam, and you will need to register the name and structure of your business with the Board of Contractors. This includes tax ID numbers, workers’ compensation (if you employ other contractors), general liability insurance, and bond insurance. Allow us to explain more about who needs a license and the information you need to submit to the Board.

Licensing Requirements

In Mississippi

The Board requires every applicant to take and pass the Business and Law exam (an exam many other states also require for licensed contractors). Licenses in Mississippi tend to fall under a category of classification for specialty trades: building construction, electrical, highway, street and bridge
construction, heavy construction, mechanical, municipal, and public works. However, the two main categories for contractor’s license are Commercial and Residential.

Commercial: This allows you to take on projects that exceed $50,000 in labor and material costs. Having a commercial license also means that you can undergo construction, reconstruction, repair or maintenance on any building or public/private project.

Residential: Residential projects over $50,000 in cost will require that you possess a Residential Building License. Any residential remodeling project exceeding $10,000 will also require this particular license.

What Else

Do You Need?

The process of completing your application will demand most of your focus. Once you do complete it and receive approval from the state, you will then have to renew it every year. Here is a brief overview of the process:

  • You will need to fill out the application form and submit it to the Mississippi State Board of Contractors. This will include a $200 application fee along with an additional $50 fee per classification. You will then receive all the relevant information to sign up for your exams – this includes scheduling, topics covered in the exam, study materials, and additional resources.
  • You will then need to take and pass your exams (a Business and Law exam as well as a trade exam).
  • Once you pass your exams, your information will be reviewed by the Board before approving your application. It will take about 7 to 10 days to receive your license.

Licensing And

Registration Fees

We advise that you set aside some money so that you will have enough to pay off the necessary fees. This is because there is usually a fee associated with every stage of the licensing process. Here is what you can expect to pay:

  • Application Fees – $200 plus another $50 for every classification
  • Exam Fees – $120 (or $50 if you obtain a waiver)
  • Licensing Fees – $400 per commercial license including one classification (additional classifications are $100) and $50 per residential license including one classification (additional classifications are $100)
required documents


Contractor’s Exam

To receive your license, you must complete and pass your Business and Law exam as well as your trade exam. You can register to take your exams via PSI online, a workforce solutions company. However, Mississippi also has reciprocity agreements which will allow you to bypass your exams. Those states and jurisdictions with which Mississippi has reciprocity agreements include:

  • Alabama General Contractors Board
  • Alabama Electrical Board
  • Alabama Board of Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors
  • Arkansas Contractor Licensing Board
  • Georgia Board of Residential and General Contractors
  • Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors
  • North Carolina Electrical Contractors Board
  • South Carolina Board for Licensing Contractors
  • Tennessee Board for Licensing General Contractors



When filling out your application, you will need to include the following information:

  • Watch the instructional video produced by the state of Mississippi which will help increase your likelihood of approval
  • Fill out your application, and then sign and notarize it
  • If you are starting an LLC or corporation, you will need to register your business with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office
  • Obtain your income tax ID number or a federal income tax ID number from the state of Mississippi
  • You will need to provide proof of general liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $300,000 per occurrence and $600,000 aggregate
  • You must also have a contractor’s license bond. The cost of the bond will vary according to the type of license you possess.
  • If you employ five or more people, you will need to provide proof of workers’ compensation insurance
  • You will also need to show proof of employment (a check stub or W2 form with the state of Mississippi)
  • You must provide a financial statement prepared and audited by an independent accountant. Major classifications will require you to have a net worth of $50,000. All other licenses require you to have a $20,000 net worth.
  • You will need to pay the submission fee when filing your application (which is non-refundable)
  • After you submit your application, you will need to take and complete your licensing exam
required documents
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