Licensing Requirements For Concrete Contractors In Iowa

Concrete contractors in the state of Iowa will require state-issued licenses to provide service. You have all the experience and knowledge to begin and pursue your career, but now you need to obtain your license. The easy part is naming your business and printing out some business cards. However, the process of obtaining an Iowa contractor’s license is a little more complex. You want to make sure that you are undergoing all the necessary steps, and we want to help make the process a little easier.

Why Do You

Need A License?

You need a license because it ensures that you can provide contracting services without having to deal with any potential penalties. We also live in a world where licensing, registration and insurance are all too common. These safeguards are put in place to protect you and your clients from any legal or financial fallout.

Now, let’s take a closer look at those licensing requirements:

  • Licensure Laws – As an applicant, you will need to meet certain requirements in terms of your experience and education. However, Iowa exempts you from having to complete and pass a business exam.
  • Registration Laws – This ensures greater legal protection and trust among contractors and clients. You will need to register with the state of Iowa to let them know that you are essentially working as a contractor. This allows the state to show that you possess all the necessary insurance and licensing to provide contracting services.
  • Business Insurance – This protects your business from certain liabilities that would otherwise require you to pay for damages out of pocket. Business insurance is going to help you gain the trust of potential clients and get financial assistance in the form of loans, grants, etc.


And Licensing

We want to mention that the state of Iowa issues specialty licenses for plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians. As a concrete contractor, you won’t need to obtain a specialty license. However, if you feel that you might fall into this category, then we encourage you to explore the specialties and different classifications.

Before registration, you will need to submit certain materials and certifications to the state of Iowa. Here is a list of things that items the state will require:

  • Your Social Security Number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) – You will need to determine ahead of time if you are applying as a sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, or LLC.
  • An unemployment insurance number – You will need to register for an unemployment insurance account to provide financial insurance for any of your employees who are temporarily out of work.
  • A NAICS code – When filling out your application, you will need to choose the code that corresponds to the kind of work you will do.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance (and an out-of-state bond) – With one or more employees working under you, then you will need to provide proof of workers’ compensation insurance. If you live outside the state of Iowa, then you will need a $25,000 surety bond.


If you are a concrete contractor and your business expenses don’t exceed $2,000 per job, then you are exempt from obtaining a license. However, you will still need to register your business with the state even if no other contractors are under your employ. All you need to do is sign and notarize the fee exemption form (which will also allow you to avoid paying $50 to submit your application).
required documents

Submitting Your Application And

Pay The Submission Fee

You’ve come a long way: you have your unemployment number, insurance, and other relevant information ready to submit to your state regulators. Next, you are going to fill out the application (you can find a copy of it online) and submit it with all the aforementioned items. You will also need to pay the $50 submission fee to the Iowa Division of Labor.



  • The state will send you a renewal form or alert you about your renewal deadline
  • You will fill out the renewal form and pay the fee online
  • You also have the option to complete your renewal in person at the office of the Iowa Division of Labor in Des Moines

If you have any other questions about the licensing process, then feel free to contact the official Iowa Workforce Development or visit their website. Remember, before you apply, you will need to have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Also, don’t forget about your business license!

required documents
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