How To Become A Licensed Concrete Contractor In Indiana

Unlike journeyman plumbers, the state of Indiana doesn’t regulate the licensing process. However, this doesn’t mean you are exempt from having to obtain a license. Instead, what you will need to do is apply for it through your municipal or county governments. This means that the requirements are going to vary depending on where you live and the kind of work you plan on performing. Licensures will be issued by different agencies throughout Indiana, and we encourage you to contact your local municipality to determine the department you need to go through.

We also want to mention that the state requires you to register your contracting business as an LLC, limited partnership, or corporation. We encourage you to follow up with the Indiana Secretary of State during the initial process of establishing your business and applying for your license. You can also expect that your local regulator will require you to possess general liability insurance before you apply for your license and begin undergoing normal business operations.

These aren’t the only steps in receiving your license in Indiana. You will need to navigate the requirements and process that your local jurisdiction implements.

Licensing Requirements

In Fort Wayne

We will go ahead and use Fort Wayne’s licensing process as one example. Fort Wayne is located in Allen County, which is the largest jurisdiction in the state of Indiana. General contractors, including concrete specialists, will need to be licensed by the Allen County Building Department. The application and renewal fees in Allen County are both $90.
Contractors in Fort Wayne will also need to pass a written examination to receive a license. The Allen County Building Department provides all the details of your exam requirements in its Rules and Regulations handbook. We recommend that you contact the office of the Allen County Building Department to register for your exam.

Applying To Become A

Concrete Contractor In Evansville

The City of Evansville offers access to the official application online for general contractors, subcontractors, and journeymen. Make sure you are applying for the classification of licensing that is relevant to the work you are going to perform. You will also need to fill out the criminal history form supplied by the city and submit it along with your application.

Here are some additional materials and information that you will need to provide the city of Evansville:

  • Three professional references that indicate at least four years of experience in concrete contracting
  • Proof of a surety bond in the amount of $15,000 (per applicant)
  • Commercial contractors need to provide proof of liability insurance in the amount of at least $1 million
  • Residential contractors need to provide proof of liability insurance in the amount of $500,000
  • Proof of workers’ compensation insurance

Applying For Your

License In Indianapolis

Indianapolis will require you to undergo the normal application process that is similar to the requirements in Evansville and Allen County. This includes certifications of general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Each applicant must also possess a surety bond with a minimum of $10,000.
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Business License

The AppLication

To apply for a contractor’s license, you must also possess a business license, and to obtain it, you will need to register with the Indiana Secretary of State. This includes disclosing your business structure, establishing tax accounts, and providing proof of workers’ compensation. Operating a business in Indiana will require you to have one or more tax-specific identification numbers, licenses or permits.


If you want to build your business and take on more high-paying jobs, then you are going to need your contractor’s license. We understand that the process can be lengthy and tiresome, but we can assure you that it will be well worth it. Having your license will protect you from any major liability issues and allow you to continue providing services for your clients. Also, concrete contractors who possess the proper licensing will have it much easier when it comes to establishing meaningful partnerships in their community. So, what are you waiting for? Obtaining your license will change your life for the better.
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