General Requirements For A Concrete Contractor’s License In Colorado

A concrete contractor is someone who has plenty of experience and knowledge of concrete construction, including the delivery of the materials and ensuring that it’s properly poured in addition to screeding, finishing, etc. The job is more than the simple handling and use of concrete. You must know all the customization and pouring techniques that go into the process. Your ability and acumen are what separate you from a subcontractor and concrete journeyman. Your services are very valuable to your community and your business partners.

Colorado, unlike most other states, does not have a general governing body that handles and oversees the licensing process. The only licenses that you have to obtain at the state level are for electricians and plumbers. Even general contractors only need a business license to operate in the state of Colorado. However, several municipalities in Colorado do issue their own requirements for licensing when it comes to concrete contracting services. One of the examples that we will focus on is Denver.

The requirements are relatively minimal, and the application is a lot simpler here than it is in other states. Here is what you can expect:


You must have a minimum of two years of experience working as a concrete contractor. The city of Denver will require that you submit documentation verifying your work history. This also includes professional references who can attest to your experience and skills as a contractor.


Your Affidavit

Denver requires that you submit an “affidavit of lawful presence” which is a document that proves you are a U.S. citizen or lawfully present in the country. To prove you are legally allowed to work in the U.S., you will need to submit any of the following:

  • A Colorado driver’s license, driver permit, or identification card (check your expiration dates!)
  • A U.S. passport that won’t expire for the next 10 years
  • A valid foreign passport that is processed for I551 stamps or with I-94
  • A permanent resident card
  • A US Military identification card
  • A photo tribal identification card
  • A certificate of naturalization that has a photo attached
  • A certificate of U.S. citizenship that has a photo attached

Why You Need Your

Licensed In Denver

To undergo any construction work, the city of Denver requires that you possess the proper licensing. Many of these projects will also require you to obtain a building permit with the relevant license. As the contractor, you have to show proof of your license, because otherwise you could end up losing work.
required documents

How To

Get Enough Experience

Most companies offer apprenticeships and employment opportunities that allow you to gain the skills to become a concrete contractor. The experience and knowledge that you gain will benefit you in terms of the assistance you can provide for various construction projects. Whether it’s renovations, rebuilds, repairs or remodeling, your experience will have a huge impact on the project.


Again, these rules and requirements fall under Denver’s municipal jurisdiction. Denver hasn’t established any agreements with any other state, county, or municipality. The license you are applying for is unique to Denver and only Denver. To learn more information on the licensing requirements for other municipalities in the state of Colorado, we recommend that you contact the office of your local lawmakers.
required documents
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