How is Concrete Stained?

The concrete staining process is somewhat difficult but rather affordable. Below, we’ll cover it step by step.

Stained Concrete

Staining concrete is a wonderful way to add some color to plain, gray concrete. The process for staining concrete can take roughly 2 days to complete. If you’re having new concrete stained, it needs to be fully cured before the process can begin. Freshly poured concrete takes around 21 to 28 days to completely cure. Staining concrete takes a bit of work to complete, but there are only a few steps involved. Those steps are as follows: clean and prep the concrete’s surface, apply the concrete stain, clean up and neutralize the stain, and seal the concrete to protect it long-term. The process of applying a stain needs to be meticulously followed as well because once the stain is applied, it’s permanent.