Stained Concrete Options

Stained concrete is a beautiful flooring option that offers not only durability but also beauty and versatility. This flooring comes in many different options from the stain itself, patterns, and even locations. Stained concrete is becoming a trending flooring, and it’s because of how versatile and customizable this flooring is!
Types of Stain

Types of Stain

One of the first options you get to choose from is the type of stain you would like applied to your concrete. There are two types of concrete stains, reactive and non-reactive, that each has its own benefits.

Reactive stains, commonly known as acid stains, depend on a chemical reaction. When the stain is applied, the metallic salts react with the natural lime found in concrete. Once this chemical reaction takes place, the stain bonds with the concrete creating a chip-free surface. When acid-based stains are applied, what it looks like is most often what it won’t look like dried. The chemical reaction of this stain can change the tone of the color, so it’s best to test an area first to see what color the result will yield.

Water-based stains, also known as non-reactive stains, are those that don’t produce chemical reactions with concrete. Instead of this chemical reaction, they are designed to penetrate deep into the surface of the concretes and deposit color pigments into the pores. Water-based stains have grown in popularity not only because of their easy application but also because of the array of colors that they come in. One of the main differences in water-based and acid-based stains is that water-based stains tend to have an opaque finish while acid-based stains have more of a translucent finish.

Patterns of Stained Concrete

Stained concrete comes in many colors, but it also comes in many different patterns. When you think of patterns, you tend to lean more towards plain geometric shapes such as squares and triangles. While stained concrete can make these patterns, they can also do so much more!
  • Area Rug Stained Concrete

    Area rug stained concrete is an exciting staining pattern. This can either be achieved by a stencil or hand staining. The intricate designs of this staining pattern make you wonder if it’s a decal! These stained concrete area rugs can be done in many colors and would fit perfectly in the design of your living room or even patio!

  • Stain and Stamped Concrete Combinations

    A concrete stain is excellent for helping mimic materials. You can make your own tile looking floor with stain, but you can also use stain in combination with stamped concrete to mimic the look of other materials. Indoor or outdoor areas can use this combination to make the space look like hardwood, slate, stone, and brick. This process is excellent for a budget-friendly flooring that has the look of high-end materials.

  • Geometrical Patterns

    Geometrical patterns can be achieved with stamped concrete. You can mimic the look of a square tile floor with a pattern of triangles or even diamonds. This can give a unique design for the patter you pick, but geometric shapes are no problem for concrete stain.

  • Stained Concrete Artwork

    You can have artwork created in your home or in your outdoor area with stained concrete. Anywhere from a simple yin-yang to detailed pictures can be achieved. Stained concrete artwork is usually seen in living rooms, on driveways, and on patios. This is an option to honestly give you a unique floor or even concrete walls.

  • Logos and Emblems

    Stained concrete has many applications that seem simple, but at the same time, have some that are intricate. One intricate design is logos and emblems. Logos and emblems have t be done with precision to turn out accurately. There is nothing worse than a logo done wrong, but with an experienced contractor, stained concrete can be used in adding emblems or logos to your flooring.

  • Solid Color Stained Concrete

    Sometimes when you do a flooring, its good to keep it simple. Stained concrete can complement a minimalist flooring plan by doing single colors. Single colors are popular with stained concrete because you still get the durability of concrete but in a solid, one-color design that doesn’t take away from your indoor/outdoor decor. Most people choose earth tones such as shades of browns, but it can be eye-catching to pick a vibrant color shade to accent your room.

  • Mottled Patterns

    Mottled patterns done with stained concrete are patterns achieved by applying different amounts of coating to different areas creating a floor that looks both translucent and opaque. Mottled patterns can be made with just one color, or numerous colors just depending on preference in design.

  • Marbleized Floors

    Marble can be an exquisite flooring, but it comes at a hefty price. Stained concrete can mimic the look of marble flooring with specific techniques. With this style floor, acid-based stains must be used for the pattern to work correctly. The application of this floor is similar tot hat of the mottled floor design. Different amounts of stain are applied to different parts of the floor, creating the same style floor like mottled patterns. What makes these marbleized patterns different is that when the mottled pattern is applied, it is then swirled to create the look of genuine stone.

  • Scored Patterns

    Scored concrete patterns are achieved by cutting the concrete with a concrete saw to create a dramatic pattern. This method is an alternative to stenciling and works well with more decorative shapes. The concrete gets cut at different times of application, depending on the color you’re going for. For a single color stain, scored concrete is usually done after the stain has been applied. When you choose more than one color, it’s best to do the scoring before the stain for a crisper design.


Stained concrete can be put anywhere that you can think of. From your outside areas like driveways and patios to your inside areas like living rooms. There are so many benefits to stained concrete that this durable flooring has been used in all areas of homes. With so many colors and pattern options, it won’t be hard to get these floors to match any decor, whether inside or outside. It doesn’t matter if you apply this staining to indoor or outdoor areas, it not only increases your property value but is an investment in your home.
  • Driveways

    Driveways can significantly benefit from stained concrete. Not only are there many patterns to choose from, but in combination with stamped concrete, it can give you the look of an expensive material without the price tag. With proper maintenance, this stamped concrete will last for many years to come without fading. Stained concrete is a beautiful concrete surface, and this will ultimately improve curb appeal. Guests will be impressed with your driveway, and it sets the tone for the rest of your home.

  • Patios

    It’s common to spend a lot of time on your patio. Whether you’re on your own or with family and friends, your patio is a place to sip coffee and catch up with friends and family. For such a social area, stained concrete will give you a lot to talk about! This stain will never peel or chip as it seeps deep into the pores of the concrete. This keeps your patio looking its best and giving it a clean appearance. Although earth tones are the most common stain colors, you have an array of colors to choose from to brighten up your area or to go with your decor.

  • Kitchens and Living Rooms

    Stained concrete has become a popular indoor home trend not just because of its durability and easy maintenance, but the colors and designs it has to offer. Imagine in your living room a stained concrete area rug. Pieces as unique as that are not only beautiful but also talking points when guests are over. Stained concrete is strong and durable, making for great flooring for kitchens where there is constant traffic. Stained concrete only needs a simple sweeping to keep it clean and the occasional mop for tougher dirt, making the maintenance routine great for kitchens and living rooms.

Stained Concrete Gives Options

Many flooring options don’t give a lot of options. They usually only offer strictly indoor or outdoor installation. Stained concrete has many benefits that come along with it, but its ability to offer so many options, including both indoor and outdoor installation, make it a leading flooring solution. When it comes to personalization, there are unlimited possibilities for stained concrete flooring. You can choose from an array of many different colors, including your favorite colors or just colors to match your decor. Intricate designs can be done with stained concrete, including works of art, area rugs, and geometric patterns. Stained concrete also has the ability to include logos and emblems and, when combined with stamped concrete, can create a replica wood, slate, or brick flooring. Even on its own stained concrete can mimic different floor materials such as marble. There are so many options with this flooring even down to the stain types. Stained concrete is genuinely an option filled flooring solution.