Epoxy Design Ideas

When it comes to flooring, there are many different styles and designs of epoxy flooring to choose from. No matter the location, from garages to kitchens, there’s an epoxy flooring that is right for you. Epoxy is a reliable and durable flooring, but it is the beauty of these floors that really grabs your attention. An array of colors are available to choose from as well as the different designs, but each of them offers an outstanding shine! Let’s look further into the various epoxy flooring designs you can choose from to personalize your space.

Standard Epoxy Flooring

Standard epoxy flooring comes in a variety of colors. Most of the time, if there isn’t a specific color available, colors can be mixed to make your flooring color unique to you. Standard epoxy offers a beautiful shine that is guaranteed to catch the attention of anyone walking on it but can come in many different sheens. If you want a matte finish standard, epoxy can be done in matte, offering a uniqueness that isn’t always seen with epoxy. Standard epoxy can be done in many different designs as well. Geometric shapes and patterns can be achieved with standard epoxy. They can be made in countless color schemes, including different complementary colors.

3D Epoxy Floors

The installation of 3-D epoxy includes laying down a layer of self-leveling primer followed by the desired image. Next, it is treated with a transparent, two-component epoxy to give the perfect image depth. These floors have many different design options, from under the sea to a walk in the forest. This type of flooring can make your space feel like it is in a completely different part of the world and is so realistic you may be wary of taking the first step into the room! Imagine waking up to the scenic view of a waterfall or brushing your teeth next to dolphins, and it looks as though you could simply reach down and touch them. These flooring designs are amazing in what they can achieve in your space.

Glitter Epoxy Floors

Glitter epoxy floors are a popular trend to add a bit of glam to your flooring. This is achieved by adding metallic epoxy flakes to your epoxy to create a shimmering, glitter effect. There are also iridescent and holographic options to choose from to give added shine. These flakes also come in a variety of sizes to provide the flooring with a sense of depth in its reflective surface since the larger chips will reflect light differently than smaller ones. Most people don’t associate glitter with being an “understatement” but these floors can create a surprisingly subtle look. With the right combination of strategic lighting, glitter, epoxy floors can create a warm and welcoming environment. These reflective floors can be used to brighten a dark room and are just as easy to clean and maintain as traditional epoxy floorings. Glitter floors would be perfect for a little girl’s room or even a bathroom that needed a chic upgrade.

Epoxy Floor Patterns

People often associate epoxy floors with simple swirled patterns and designs, but epoxy flooring can be done in exact patterns as well. Many different colors can be used to create various color schemes, and even abstract designs can be done precisely. Geometric patterns are also popular designs to give your floor a one-of-a-kind look. Even classic checkerboard designs can be achieved with epoxy flooring. In garages, car brands can be displayed on your floor using epoxy designs. Any shape and color pattern can be made with ease with epoxy flooring.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy floors come in an array of colors, and each floor is unique. These floors are stunning to look at and impossible to replicate, meaning you will genuinely have a flooring unique to you. These floors have a very unique swirled design to them but also can come in other varieties as well. Metallic epoxy flooring can be used to mimic different scenes from nature, such as rushing water, fiery lava, fluffy clouds, moon craters, or can also give the look of the galaxy. Metallic epoxy is commonly found in restaurants, showrooms, and medical facilities, but can be installed anywhere you want to make a statement. You have the choice of how much metallic is used to create the look that you desire. Many different flooring looks can be achieved with metallic epoxy, and no two will ever be the same, making this an incredibly popular and modern trend.

Decorative Flake Epoxy

Just as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Decorative flake epoxy can be a unique flooring choice for your space that creates texture and depth. Most commonly seen in garages and workshops, this flooring provides safety as well as a personal touch. The primary epoxy can be personalized by color, as well as the flakes to represent your decor, favorite color, or even your favorite sports team! Decorative flake epoxy can be done in different sheens ranging from a high-gloss reflective shine to a matte finish depending on your preference. Contrasting colors of flakes can create a more dynamic appearance, while similar colors can create subtler looks to encourage a soothing atmosphere.

Embedded Graphics & Logos

Increasingly popular in hospitals, sports facilities, and educational institutions, logos and emblems can be installed using embedded decals, hand-painted designs, or different colored aggregates. Unlike adhesive decals, these embedded decals and logos won’t fade or wear. This epoxy design would be great in a school setting to show off your school mascot as well as your school colors. Seeing your logo embedded in the floor when you first walk into a building can give a fantastic first impression.

Complimentary Colors

Complimentary colors are a vital design technique to really bring out your space. Complementary colors are contrasting colors that are opposite to each other in the color wheel, such as red and green. These colors are often used in home decor and fashion because of how well they play off each other’s intensity.

Epoxy Terrazzo

Similar to decorative flake epoxy, this style of epoxy flooring has a very unique design. Epoxy Terrazzo uses glass, synthetic, mother of pearl, or granite aggregates to provide brilliant colors. This style of epoxy is commonly used in hospitals, hallways, schools, and entrance ways of office buildings. Many different shapes, colors, and designs can be achieved with terrazzo epoxy flooring. You can create borders down hallways, input logos, or create a beautiful abstract art floor with many colors. Although it is similar to the decorative flake, it is much different in its process as well as its specifications.

Gravel Epoxy

Gravel epoxy, also known as pebblestone epoxy, is an epoxy floor coating applied by putting down small pebblestone and pouring an epoxy resin over the top, creating a one of a kind flooring that is great for basements, garages, and bathrooms. This flooring design truly lets you become one with nature as natural pebblestone is used in the installation. When it comes to your bathroom, this flooring can be used as a whole package deal. Pebblestone epoxy has become increasingly popular as both an indoor and outdoor epoxy flooring solution. It has been seen on patios and walkways to give your home a welcoming look. Gravel epoxy has also been used to do walk-in shower interiors and floors because of its unique design.

Unique Designs

There are so many options when it comes to epoxy flooring, and there’s a sense of freedom with all you can achieve in the design of your flooring. You can genuinely make this flooring personal to you. There are other designs to choose from, such as pennies. This one of a kind flooring is achieved by laying pennies and pouring an epoxy resin over the top to create a smooth, transparent surface that brings out the copper of the pennies for a unique look. Another on of a kind flooring has been done by using records! These records were placed, and the resin poured over, creating a floor that definitely attracts the eye! These types of floorings can be used in homes in spaces like basements and offices but would be excellent for businesses as well. These floorings show that if you can think it, it can truly be done custom for you.

Closing Up

Epoxy flooring has numerous different designs available to choose from as well as colors. In many cases, if your specific color isn’t available, other colors can be mixed to achieve it. You have complete freedom to truly make your space your own whether you’re looking for a high-gloss metallic epoxy that will never be duplicated or you want a penny floor to have a great conversation starter. Using this list, you can find epoxy flooring to fit your design, whether it is for a hospital or school or your living room flooring. There are unlimited design combinations to choose from, and each design type has specifications to further fit it to your specific needs.