Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has gained a lot of popularity over recent years. From homes to shopping malls to hospitals to rugged production floors, epoxy can be found virtually everywhere.

But why is this concrete coating taking the world of flooring by storm? The simple answer is all of the benefits that epoxy brings to the table. Continue reading to see an in-depth look at each of the benefits of this unique floor coating system.

Benefits Epoxy Flooring

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Before we take a look at the benefits of epoxy flooring, you should understand what this flooring system is. Epoxy flooring is a concrete coating that is made of epoxide resin, polyamine hardener, and other additives.

When it’s not being used as flooring, it’s frequently used as an adhesive. As epoxy is mixed, it creates a chemical reaction that gives your floor its distinct features. This process adds stability to the existing surface as well as sealing and curing it.



The most noticeable benefit of epoxy flooring is its ability to transform any space into an attractive, unique area. No matter whether it’s a residential garage, commercial restaurant, or hotel lobby, epoxy flooring can bring a new level of beauty to any setting.

The glossy surface will complement decorative lighting and create a unique ambiance as the light bounces off of the surface. Not to mention, an epoxy floor coating will cover any defects or damage in the existing concrete.

There is a myriad of colors and patterns to choose from to accent any room. Decorative flake epoxy can be used to create a speckled look that catches the light and shines. Metallic epoxy can create a unique, one-of-a-kind look that can spruce up any room with its colorful swirls and shine.



Epoxy is highly resistant to several substances that can damage other flooring systems. There are many forms of resistance that epoxy features, including chemical, water, and heat. This floor coating is perfect for any location that will be subject to environments that will be exposed to these elements.
  • Heat

    After the epoxy has cured, it becomes quite resistant to heat. The average heat limit for an epoxy floor is 200 degrees Fahrenheit, though higher grade epoxy can endure higher degrees of heat. This heat resistance makes epoxy ideal for garages and similar settings that will often be exposed to heat.

  • Water

    Epoxy flooring is entirely resistant to water. This will protect your floor from damage and deterioration from flooding or spills. Keep in mind, as the water will not soak into the floor, it may become slippery. Slippery floors can be negated with skid-resistant additives.

  • Chemicals

    Chemicals are always present, no matter what your space is used for. Household cleaners, gas and oil from cars, and industrial chemicals can all damage concrete or other flooring materials. Epoxy flooring can resist all of these without wearing down or staining. Chemicals can be easily cleaned from epoxy without worry. The density and thickness of this concrete coating prevent chemicals from soaking into the concrete or leaving harmful residue.



Aside from its superior resistance, epoxy flooring is remarkably durable. This flooring can handle hard impacts and substantial weight. The strength of an epoxy floor is what truly makes it stand out among other flooring options.

Many other floor coatings will peel or tear away from concrete where the epoxy will not. When appropriately installed, an epoxy floor will be strong enough to handle heavy loads, along with daily wear and tear.



Once you have an epoxy floor installed, you will not need to replace or restore it for years. This floor coating can last longer than carpet, wood, or tile flooring, thanks to its durability and resistance.

Even the beautiful appearance of epoxy will last longer for these reasons. When properly installed and cared for, epoxy can last for over 20 years!

Cost Efficiency


Compared to many other flooring systems, epoxy floors are much more affordable and cost-efficient. You can even avoid expensive flooring removal projects as epoxy can be installed directly over it, in most cases.

You’ll be able to retain your existing floor and save money on removal while getting a smooth, fresh look for your space. Not to mention, with epoxy’s extended longevity and durability, this concrete coating is a worthwhile investment for any home or business.

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Simple Maintenance

Simple Maintenance

The ease of maintenance of epoxy flooring is another benefit to this unique floor. By coating the concrete, the accumulation of dust and cement particles is instantly reduced. Dust is the primary source of concern with concrete, maintenance is much more comfortable with the source contained.

The smooth, seamless surface also assists with maintenance as it’s easy to sweep and maintain the brilliance of its surface. No matter if you choose to mop, sweep, or vacuum, cleaning an epoxy floor is an easy and straightforward process. Epoxy flooring resists bacteria, mold, and germs as well, helping create a more sanitary environment that’s easy to clean.

Eco Friendly


There are a couple of factors that make epoxy flooring an eco-friendly option. This coating only requires a few materials to install and doesn’t need replacing for decades. The environment benefits from this decrease in materials and equipment.

Other flooring options need multiple tools and cutting equipment that leaves behind a lot of waste material to make the floor fit the shape of the room. Epoxy coats the floor and conforms to the room and, as it doesn’t need continuous replacement, means that you’re eliminating waste.

Increased Safety

Increased Safety

Installing an epoxy floor is an excellent method to increase safety in any home or business. Most options for epoxy have an intense, glossy finish that creates an attractive look while increasing the amount of light in the room. The reflective nature of this floor coating increases visibility in large spaces and cuts down on the need for electrical lighting.

Safety can also be increased by including non-skid additives on the floor. These additives can be polymer grit, mortar, sand, or gravel. By containing these additives, the chance of slips or falls is significantly reduced.

Sub Floor Protection

Sub-floor Protection

Epoxy acts as a sealant and protects concrete and other existing floorings that it’s installed over. This durable coating is applied directly over the surface of the underlying floor, forming a protective barrier. The epoxy bonds straight to the surface of the prepared sub-floor, which keeps the sub-floor from wearing down, cracking, or crumbling.

Epoxy flooring is non-permeable, so it doesn’t absorb moisture or other chemicals, keeping them from deteriorating the sub-floor. As epoxy lasts so long, it will protect the underlying flooring material for decades!

Vehicle Friendly


This tough floor coating can comfortably accommodate vehicles as well. Thanks to its seamless, uniform surface, it will keep vehicle and equipment tires in prime condition. Concrete is rough and can wear down car or forklift tires quickly, epoxy is smooth and offers little to no wear on tires.

The strength and durability that epoxy provides assists in accommodating vehicles too. Its ability to handle heavy weight makes it perfect for working surfaces where forklifts and other equipment will run, as well as for garages that will hold cars and trucks.

The chemicals associated with vehicles also have no effect on epoxy. This adds to epoxy’s viability for being a work surface or garage floor.

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

With the plethora of options available, customizing a floor has never been easier than with epoxy flooring. There are numerous styles of epoxy to choose from, and each offers its own customizable options.
  • Standard Epoxy

    Standard epoxy is generally either a solid color or has a geometric pattern incorporated into the floor. There’s no end to the colors and patterns available to make this floor your own.

    Many designs utilize complementary colors to match the decor in the room. Companies have also been known to represent their brand colors on the epoxy floor.

  • Metallic Epoxy

    Metallic epoxy floors are one of the most unique styles of epoxy available. Different colors can be incorporated in beautiful swirls that cannot be replicated. Metallic epoxy can also be used to mimic natural scenes, such as crashing ocean waves, cloud-filled skies, and flaming lava.

  • Decorative Flake Epoxy

    Decorative flake epoxy is another option that offers high customizability. It starts with a base coat of epoxy that can be colored to your design preference. Then, a layer of acrylic chips are spread across the floor, and it’s sealed with a clear topcoat.

    These flakes come in a wide variety of colors as well as shapes and sizes. Whichever size that you choose can be broadcast on the floor to the intensity of your choosing also.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

Epoxy flooring offers a lot of benefits to whatever space it’s applied in, from residential to commercial to industrial locations. Its benefits of attractiveness, resistance, durability, cost-efficiency, simple maintenance, eco-friendliness, increased safety, protection, vehicle-friendliness, and high customization make it perfect for any purpose.

These benefits are why epoxy has made such an impression on the market and continues to do so. If you’re looking for a floor with loads of benefits, epoxy flooring is for you.